4 easy and refreshing leg exercises while sitting

If you sit all day long while working, you know how your legs can become numb or heavy. Even though most of us know we should take breaks every 2-3 hours, we usually don't have the time to take a little walk during working hours (I usually can't).

But you don't have to leave the office, or not even your desk to incorporate an easy routine that keeps your legs healthy! Follow the illustrations right now and get going with these quick exercises. Don't forget to keep your abs flexed while holding your feet off the ground so your lower back is protected. (If you can take your shoes off, it's even better ;)

foot exercise illustration

1. Pretend to pick something up from the floor with your toes and "let it go" midair. Do this 6-8 times.

leg exercise illustration circles

2. Make circles with your feet while holding your legs straight in the air. Do it to both directions 6-8 times.

leg exercise illustration flex point

3. With straight legs flex your feet, hold it for a second than point your toes. Repeat 6-8 times.

leg exercise illustration scissors

4. Do the scissor movement with your legs straight. Yep, you guessed it already: repeat 6-8 times.

That's it! Do this series 2-3 times a day to get the maximum benefits. Doing these exercises on the long term can prevent varicose vein to form on your legs and it gives your muscles a well earned refreshment.

What is your favourite exercise or tip? Share it in the comments below and you might see it in an illustration here soon!

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